Buy 5 Boxes and Get 1 Free! Pure Mushroom Essence – 100% Freshly Grown in Singapore

| May 10, 2013

Buy 5 boxes now (one month’s serving of health goodness in a bottle) and get an additional box absolutely free!

Free local shipping whenever you buy a “one-month” bundle. Available at ALL 15 Wan Yang Outlets. While stocks last. 

Bring home the gift of health for you and your loved ones, with Wan Yang’s new and exclusive Pure Mushroom Essence.

Unlike other brands, Essence of Mushrooms are 100% freshly grown in an organic farm in Singapore;

Without chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and especially flavouring found in most essence products in Singapore. It is also 100% Vegetarian.

Fresh mushrooms and their essence such as this, not extracts and soup flavours, are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium.

It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B6, Folate, and rich in other useful nutrients and minerals.[a]

Our Mushroom Essence comes in two different types for your daily needs:


More information Available Here:

Click here for more benefits about Essence of Shiitake,
especially for enchancing body immune system against flu virus and bacterial infections.

Click here for more benefits about Essence of Medicinal Mushroom with Hericium,
especially for improving memory and cognitive functions and anti-tumor, ulcers and inflammations



Wan Yang is the exclusive distributor of Yu Taie – Essence of Mushroom. The only product in Singapore made 100% with freshly grown mushroom from Singapore. Produced under license of Mycofarm Mushroom Pte Ltd.





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