About Wan Yang


Wan Yang Health Product and Foot Reflexology Centre has established itself as Singapore’s leading health product and foot reflexology provider since 1989.

Eestablished in May 1989, it was with the ideology of providing a natural healing alternative and to promote good health through foot reflexology and back massage services.

Vision and Core Values

WAN (萬) in mandarin can be translated as “ten thousand” which also is interpreted as abundance. This is to signify WAN YANG’s accessible presence to the public as well as to their customers. YANG(陽) can be translated as the sun, signifying Wan Yang’s mission to bring health to the public they serve through the warmth in our service. Together, the words “WAN YANG” symbolizes a vision of abundant health, wellness and happiness for their customers.

Wan Yang’s signature foot reflexology service differentiates itself through the stronger strokes along the pressure/reflex points on the foot as compared to other reflexology establishments.The strong belief in the positive health effects of foot reflexology and the numerous testimonies from customers on its benefits motivated Wan Yang to establish itself with the core values of integrity, reliability and accessibility.

The core mission is “To make a distinctive contribution in the life and health of all our customers and the public.”

Early Years

Wan Yang started out at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre with a floor space of 300 square feet and only five full time employees in May 1989. They offered primarily foot reflexology with an additional option of back massage.

The company started to grow in its second year (1990) and with a new branch opening every year. In 2011, we are anticipating the opening of a new outlet at 112 Katong, previously known as Katong Mall.

In the same year of establishment, Wan Yang has included selected premium magnetic products to enhance their health promotion to their customers.

Now, Wan Yang has 15 branches across Singapore, located at major shopping malls and heartland districts. Together with our 180 staff, we are dedicated to serve you.

Service Standard and Awards

Wan Yang has been setting the industry standards for customer service by sending all their staff for service skills upgrading such as “Go the extra Mile Service (GEMS)”. Wan Yang also develops and conduct mandatory in-house training sessions for all employees.

Wan Yang has been won several accolades over the years. A testimony of our high service standard, public recognition and loyal customer support.

2011 – Asia Pacific Super Health Brand by Global Business Media Group

2010 – Singapore Prestige Brand Award (Established Award) by ASME

2010 – Spirit of Enterprise Nominee by SOE

2010 – Successful Entrepreneur (Platinum Category) by GRC Press Holdings

2009 – Singapore Prestige Brand Award (Established Brand) by ASME

2001 – Retail Courtesy Gold Award by Singapore Kindness Movement Council

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