Wan Yang Staff Training

Wan Yang prides itself on our strong established brand since 1989, our commitment to provide excellent service and more importantly, our professional and trained staff force.

EVERY Wan Yang staff is trained adequately, from our masseurs, to counter staff, to the managers.

They undergo MINIMUM 3 to 6 months training, to hone their technical abilities, customer service, health knowledge and through all these, bond together as a family.

Staff are also required to refresh their knowledge every 3 months.

That’s what makes Wan Yang special and different. More than just being focused on your comfort, we also endeavour to take good care of your health.

Our strong culture also enables staff to feel the warmth and inculcate values of being in a closely knitted family. So the next time you come to Wan Yang and feel just like home, you know it is not a coincidence.

This also means that no matter which of the 15 Wan Yang outlets you go to, you can rest assure that you will first receive a warm welcome, quality, professional service, and an assurance of a better health before you leave.

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